SocialBe provides training and upskilling in three core areas : Communication, Mindset & Collaboration

People skills training to amplify your IMPACT

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Upskilling for Impact

‘’If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be’’

SocialBe creates and delivers training and development in the area of professional skills – the sticky ones, the ones full of complexity and nuance. There’s nothing soft about these skill sets. We focus on three key areas to help you thrive in a fast paced, continually changing world:  Communication skills so you can confidently be seen, heard and rewarded; Mindset to develop and hone your critical thinking, your resilience, your EI and empathy; and Collaboration to be part of teams that innovate for the future, to persuade and influence, to thrive in a hybrid world. 

Communication Skills Training with Social Be


Learn to speak so that others want to listen. Be your own brand ambassador and proudest advocate. Develop ‘Storytelling for Business’ skills to motivate, engage, persuade. Hone your Presentation Skills and be memorable for all the right reasons. Communication skills for the hybrid world of work

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Resilience and Mindset Skills Training with Social Be


The confidence to be impactful

The resilience to be adaptable

The emotional agility to be effective

The empathy to lead

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Networking Skills Training with Social Be


Creating & maintaining Psychological Safety. Critical Thinking for better quality discussion  Teamwork = sum of Mindset + Behaviours Innovation – tools and frameworks for creativity Thriving as teams in a hybrid world 

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We create bespoke, interactive and highly engaging workshops to educate, motivate and inspire your employees.


We run regular online events to help you build up your communication and resilience skills to thrive in your workplace.


We don’t just talk the talk – Melissa loves to present, MC, chair – she would love to bring her infectious energy to your event.

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Do you believe confidence is a choice?

Do you believe confidence is a choice?

Do you believe confidence is a choice?  I asked this recently on a training programme I was delivering, and it led to a lively discussion.    I wasn’t very confident as a teenager. I wasn’t very cool, but wanted desperately to be. I wanted to be liked by...

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Why the grown ups should make time for play

Why the grown ups should make time for play

To say play has been absent this past year is perhaps an understatement. Nothing like a raging pandemic to quash the playfulness out of even the most joyous being. But the weather is getting better, there’s a grand stretch in the days, and optimism and hope are...

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Impactful Communication

Impactful Communication

Having personal impact means having presence, being seen and heard. It requires us to take up space, physical and temporal, and advocate on behalf of ourselves.    Communication is powerful.  It demonstrates confidence, competence, conviction. We all have...

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