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Melissa helps corporates and SMEs upskill and develop their people through impactful training programmes. She creates, facilitates and advises on Learning & Development .

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Training & Development

‘’If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be’’

At SocialBe we are are educators who future forecast to anticipate the skills gaps and training needs of our clients. We provide an end to end  service, from discovery of current training needs – to research and content creation – to training delivery and workshop facilitation – to feedback and evaluation of training goals. 

Current industry trends demonstrate strong need for : Storytelling for Impact as a powerful strategic tool to engage, inspire, motivate, persuade; Innovation through Design Thinking as a framework, methodology and mindset for solving messy, complex, human – centred problems; Unconscious Bias training to facilitate important discussions around workplace inequities such as the Gender Pay Gap, and biases built into technology and AI. 

Communication Skills Training with Social Be

Unconscious Bias

Do your best until you know better. Then when you know better, do better

The aim of the training is to help people uncover their unconscious biases in a meaningful and deeply personal way, within a psychologically safe space where all opinions, ideas and concerns are welcomed and respected. To use the power of education on the topic to empower people to improve their thought processes and make better decisions. Dive into Gender Pay Gap, Bias in Recruiting, AI and bias, Universal Design, and much more. 

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Resilience and Mindset Skills Training with Social Be

Storytelling for Impact

Those who tell the stories rule the world

Our societies are built on and shaped by narratives, compelling stories that inspire communities and nations to collaborate and thrive. Stories help to build trust. Crucial for leaders to convey, for clients and customers to feel, and for team members to create. Research shows that we remember information 22 times more if it is conveyed to us with story as well as facts. Imagine the potential for your presentation / pitch / inspirational talk / negotiation in terms of its impact to persuade, motivate, influence, move people to action? 

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Networking Skills Training with Social Be

Innovation through Design Thinking

All good innovation starts with finding and framing problems 

Design Thinking is a mindset, and a methodology for innovation and complex problem solving that puts user’s needs and preferences at the centre of the process. 

It is a human – centred approach to innovation that matches user’s needs (what’s desirable) with what is technologically achievable (what’s feasible) and the requirements for business success (what’s viable). It’s an incredibly engaging, radically collaborative approach to innovation and problem solving. 

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End to end training consultancy : from initial discovery of Training Needs Analysis to content design and creation to training delivery and feedback. 

Online training

Join our online workshops to learn, unlearn, and relearn the most up to date people development skills training to empower you to thrive professionally.


‘Three hours felt like twenty minutes’

‘Melissa’s content and delivery was perfectly tailored to her audience. Her depth of subject knowledge is outstanding and she brings her content to life with relatable stories and wonderful Cork humour that is balanced with professionalism and excellent communication skills.’

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